2020 Designer Purse Bingo Fundraiser

This year we tried something new for our annual fundraiser. Designer Purse Bingo, not only was it a sold out event, but we raised over $53,000. We are thankful for everyone that came out to help our program. Check back for more information on our 2021 fundraiser! You don't want to miss it! 



The Margaret Sue Rust Foundation gave Odyssey a wonderful grant to fund our art classroom.  Our students have had so much fun doing craft projects, learning origami, working on cross stitch Christmas organments, and learning how to sew! 

Sewing with the Margaret Sue Rust Foundation
Save the Children Grant

Thanks to the Save the Children grant Odyssey was able to replace and enhance many areas of enrichment's that was destroyed by Hurricane Harvey. We have a state of the art kitchen with all the amenities to create amazing master pieces in the kitchen. 



Thanks to a generous grant from the Ed Rachal Foundation, Odyssey can start filling our empty library shelves with books!  The grant provides funds for Odyssey to purchase quality books on our student's reading level.  The kids have been so excited to see the new books and can't wait to start reading their new books! 

A New Library from the Ed Rachal Foundation